I constantly find that I’m drawn to this idea of structure, it is almost like I am on a perpetual journey to discover these situations in the natural world, where everything seems to line up.  The way light falls on an object at high noon or the way materials out in the world can almost feel placed purposely, is what compels me as a picture maker.   All the arbitrary places that I travel to, I search for these moments of instant recognition of something, anything, that I may deem worthy of being captured. But forcing myself to unearth these occurrences applies too much pressure to the ‘finding’ aspect, that it begins to ruin and cloud what I am hoping to identify with.  That’s become my instinct as a photographer, when the eye and the subject meet in a perfect union of visual discovery.  
The need to photograph these specific instances is what ignites my sensibility as an artist.  I want my hand to be visible in all the images I create and I want each picture to speak through its content.  This journey of discovery is everlasting and there will always be photographs to make of things in the world, as long as they are being noticed.  My eyes are forever conditioned to see the world in pictures, experiencing moments of recognition as I travel to new and old places.   And if I can share these instances and create a visual delineation of my ongoing photographic excursion then hopefully my viewers will finds themselves on this journey with me.